Saturday, July 29, 2017

Blogger vs WordPress

Reasons Why I still blog in Blogger even though it's dying

Blogger is one of the first blogging platform that came to existence in 1999 and was acquired by Google in 2003. Started during the dot-com bubble,  It was a huge moment for the Internet users. Professional as well as passionate bloggers joined this wonderful platform. But today, WordPress claims that it owns 28% of websites in internet and the lack of support from Blogger to its users accelerate the process of bloggers moving to alternatives.

The Blogger app made for Android and iOS devices is buggy and will not support the modifications of the template. 

If one uses the seamless bug-free WordPress app, we can find that it is more advanced. There is no common platform in which the posts published by bloggers can be exhibited. 

A lot of projects like FeedBurner API, Google Reader has been shut down by Google and continuing in Blogger is not quite promising.  

But there still exists a handful of bloggers who use this platform. Even we got a scare when all our blogs were down for almost two whole days. I am one of the bloggers who believe in this platform and expect some modifications. We cannot simply ignore the benefits of this platform too. Here in this post we give our five reasons for preferring Google-owned Blogger over other trendy colourful platforms.

Simple Interface

This platform is user-friendly and I prefer Blogger because of its versatility for a beginner and a professional. It is straightforward and doesn't believe in adding complicated interface and is a lightweight system. Moreover it is currently owned by Google and all the photos other media can be backed up in Google Photos and Drive and are accessible quite easily.

One can modify or customize the template

 Here comes the main reason for we using Blogger. One can customize or upload templates. Note that there is no support to integrate your blog with a server, instead it will redirect your custom domain to your blog. We are like a novice in the field of website development and would love to fiddle with the html codes of the template. If one pays for the WordPress Premium version, there is an option to change the codes. But seriously who would pay for experimenting, if you can experiment in a free platform. 

Here comes the word, I am an experimental blogger.

Adsense Integration for free

Adsense is a monetizing programme by Google which can be implemented in Blogger for free. In WordPress, one has to pay for a Premium version to add advertisements by Adsense. Otherwise they will put ads on your website for maintaining the network. Blogger is be free for all, and also provides an option to monetise one's content. 

Let us appreciate Blogger for it. 

It is owned by the best search-engine

Google is unarguably the best search engine and I don't think this fact is going to change. SEO wasn't bad, but nowadays WordPress blogs have a slight edge over Blogger. WordPress can be the platform for professionals and Blogger for those who can boost their post manually by using social networks.

It has scope for improvement

Blogger has the potential to become the best blogging platform, provided if they can help bloggers with SEO and create a common platform for them. A Blogger android app similar to WordPress app will definitely prompt bloggers to choose this platform. When we search for the best blogging platform, WordPress tops the list. This can be changed, if Google takes necessary steps. Blogger was one of my favourite blogging platform but it hasn't matched up with its competitors. In the age of smartphones, we search for a platform which can match up to our requirements. can become the blogging platform, every blogger is looking for.

This is our twentieth post and we have an announcement to make, that we are starting a new WordPress site which bears the same name. -App Nation at WordPress

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