Saturday, July 8, 2017

CarX Drift Racing Review 2017

Racing Games are always exciting to play in Android but CarX Drift Racing gives you a chance to drive a car around and drift. It is fundamentally a car simulator which solely focuses on the drifting capability of the player. The graphics in this game makes it stand at a whole new level. Gorgeous graphics with detail will definitely amaze any Android gamer.

The interface and menu is surprisingly simple and the controls are not so different from other racing games. Even though the size of the game is about 250 MB, it deserves to be compared with the top games like Asphalt 8. There are different camera viewing angles and sets it apart from many popular titles in this genre.

App Nation Smooth Gaming Experience

 "We tested "CarX Drifting Racing" in a Xperia  phone with 4 gigs of RAM, and it was a satisfactory gaming experience. The game had a eight second delay (Loading Screen) to open. The phone got warm after 2 minutes of gameplay. There was a bit of overheating of phone, but it was expected, I guess."

"The interface is pretty straightforward. Since drifting is the main objective of the game, we didn't have a smooth experience in the first match and scrambled around the controls; handbrake, brake and the accelerator. Scored a 60 out of 700 points in the first match. But we went for training in the second try and scored 720 in three minutes"


The graphics in "CarX Drifting Racing" is surreal and if you like to drift, spend some minutes to install and play this game. It's also a serious game with no turbo boosts and also gives you the most refined form of racing itself.

Drift Racing from CarX-Tech is not the ideal racing game for a beginner. But the game lives up to its name to stand out as the best drifting game available in for a smartphone platform. 

Platforms: Available Android, iOS and Windows.

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