Monday, July 10, 2017

Unacademy App Review - A learning app

Preparing for exams like IAS, TNPSC, PSC, NET etc. is tough but the solution which the latest technology can provide is an app to prepare for exams in India.

Unacademy is an ideal app that provides quality content to aspirants of IAS, NET and other competitive exams. Being called as India's largest learning platform, this app will help students to connect with qualified teachers who provide lectures for free. High-quality videos with an option of offline viewing can be helpful to students from all sectors of the society. Individuals who are interested to contribute to this app can use Unacademy Educator App to post their courses.

 App Nation: This app is definitely a revolutionary app which can provide you with rich content oriented videos especially to discuss previous question papers. We went through the app, it has a good interface and one can study almost any subject (Free of cost). The main concern is we should find best tutors and lectures. Even though a rating has been allotted to every course,  the reliability of the content is not assured. The content provided is free of cost but cannot replace coaching from reputed institutions. If you have time to spend in a smartphone, this app will make you more aware about Current Affairs and give you the best content that Internet can provide for your exams. 

Unacademy is one of the best learning app available for Indian Competitive Exams. Feel free to install the app and join this initiative.


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